Taipei MRT One Day Pass

The Taipei MRT One-Day Pass costs NT$150 ($4.73) and gives you unlimited metro rides until the end of the day you bought your card. The pass works best for anyone who intends on making many trips with the Taipei Metro.

I’ve taken the Taipei Metro hundreds of times and have learned a lot about the various cards they offer. I want to help you determine whether it’s worth getting the One-Day pass.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Taipei MRT One-Day Pass costs NT$150. You can buy these passes in bulk. But the Taipei Metro website doesn’t state the discounts you’ll get [1].

Ask the customer service at any Taipei or New Taipei Metro Station. They usually speak English and have always been helpful.

The One-Day Pass isn’t the same as the 24-Hour Pass. The latter pass costs NT$180 and lasts for 24 hours. Whereas, the One-Day Pass lasts until the last trains return to their terminal stations on the day you buy your card.

How To Get the One-Day Pass

You can only get Taipei MRT One-Day passes at the MRT station information counters. Let the staff know you want a One-Day Pass.


  • MRT passes cost NT$150–2,200.
  • The pass gives you unlimited MRT rides for a certain amount of time.
  • Buy these passes from Taipei Metro stations.

Taipei Metro Passes Compared

Here are all the Taipei Metro passes compared:

PassPriceBest For
One-Day PassNT$150Many Trips Within 1 Day
24-Hour PassNT$180Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 24 Hours
48-Hour PassNT$280Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 48 Hours
72-Hour PassNT$380Best For Trips To Many Stations Within 72 Hours
Taipei Fun PassNT$180–NT$2,200Unlimited Bus/MRT Rides + Entry To Some Attractions
TPASSNT$1,200/mo.Unlimited Bus, MRT, TRA, & LRT rides (in northern regions) + 30 min. YouBike usage
Taipei Metro passes compared.

Before buying a pass, I need you to do something.

Download the Go! Taipei Metro app for iPhone or Android devices (it’s free). Navigate to the ‘Adult/Full fare Tickets’ tab. Tap the station that’ll reside closest to your accommodation, then check out the station that’s around where you want to visit.

Here’s an example. I have an Airbnb close to Dongmen Station. Tomorrow, I want to visit Daan Park, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, and Taipei 101.

A breakdown of taking the MRT to these stations would include:

I would have spent NT$40 this entire day. Thus, there’s no need to get the One-Day OR 24-Hour Passes.

In some cases, you’ll find your accommodation far away from an MRT station, which will require you to take a bus. In some scenarios, the Taipei Fun Pass may prove useful.

It gives you unlimited bus, metro, and shuttle bus rides. And entry to various tourist attractions like Heping Island Park. The perks you get will vary by card.

And there are too many perks and pricing variables. I’ll emphasize in a separate guide.

For now, I want to talk to long-term stayers. Whether you’re working or studying in Taiwan, you may want to consider the TPASS (monthly pass). It gives you unlimited Taipei and New Taipei Metro and bus rides for a month.

You’ll also get free YouBike rentals for 30 minutes for the entire month.

The pass works best for anyone who commutes daily. But not the best for people who lock themselves in their apartments all day for work.

Take a look at the Taipei Metro map.

What Is the Taipei MRT One-Day Pass?

The Taipei Metro One-Day Pass gives you unlimited MRT rides until the end of the current metro’s service day. This pass works best for anyone who intends on taking more than NT$150 worth of trips in a day.

taipei one day pass poster

Here’s an example of when the pass would work best for you:

  • Roundtrip from Nangang (Blue Line) to Tamsui is NT$130
  • Roundtrip from Nangang to Xiangshan is NT$60

That’s NT$190 total. You’ll save NT$40 with the One-Day pass.

The above scenario works best if you want to take a day trip to Tamsui, then come back to Taipei and hike on Xiangshan to catch the sunset.

You can’t use the Taipei MRT One-Day Pass for the Taoyuan Airport MRT.

Before proceeding, ensure you know everything about the Taipei Metro system. I cover everything in a separate guide.

Let’s cover the cost (again).

How To Use It

When approaching the MRT gates, press the pass against the sensor marked with the words ‘Single Journey Ticket.’ A green LED will glow on the gate terminal as the gates open.

Pass through the gates.

When departing from an MRT station, follow these same steps. Since the card gives you unlimited usage for a day, you won’t need to worry about the balance.

If this doesn’t happen, you’ll need to bring your cart to the MRT station information counter. Ask them how they can fix the issue.

Taipei MRT Map

Here’s a map of all the Taipei Metro stations: