person in taipei city, taiwan

I’m Theo. A U.S. expat who moved to Taiwan over 5 years ago.

Why Taiwan?

Its vibrant culture, safety, efficient public transportation, and decent healthcare system all offer a better quality of life than I had back home. Of course, there are drawbacks, but the benefits far outweigh them.

My lack of a traditional degree made teaching English difficult. This led me to become a freelance writer, a natural fit given my skills, and ultimately, a digital nomad.

I created NaviTaiwan and Eager Nomad (my other website) because I lacked detailed resources about moving abroad, especially from authors with similar experiences. Whether it’s dealing with loneliness, adapting to a new country, or navigating the logistics of an international move.

I want to be the resource I wish I’d had.

Living in Taiwan grants me firsthand knowledge for those considering this destination. And even if Taiwan isn’t your goal, my digital nomad journey provides insights on remote work essentials like internet connectivity. Information valuable for anyone considering an international move.

My hope is that the resources I create will make your own transition abroad a smoother process.