Need to reach out?

That’s great to hear. However, there are some guidelines that you should read before messaging me.

If you have specific questions, please try searching for it on NaviTaiwan before deciding to inquire. As much as I would love to offer one-on-one help, I don’t have enough time in my day to do so.

Guidelines to Read Before Sending a Message

1. I do not accept guest posts at the moment.

2. I check all of my messages: if you do not receive a reply within a week, please do not follow up.

3. I am not a travel agency: this means that I will not book your trips or build an itinerary for you.

If you are interested in brand partnerships, sponsored tours, press trips or have any suggestions on how I can improve NaviTaiwan’s user experience, contact me at inquire (at) eagernomad (dot) com.

Please note that Eager Nomad and NaviTaiwan are essentially the same website. However, NaviTaiwan is focused on providing resources for those wanting to visit or move to Taiwan. Eager Nomad focuses on providing general resources to digital nomads and expats.