Taipei Botanical Garden – Visitors Guide

Important Information

HoursDaily: 6 AM–8 PM
Entry FeeFree
AddressNo. 53, Nanhai Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
Avg. Time Spent HereHalf an hour
Chinese Name臺北植物園
# of Plant Species1,500
Open Date1921
Size24 acres

The Taipei Botanical Garden, nestled in Taiwan’s vibrant capital, is a 24-acre oasis of green, showcasing more than 1,500 plant species.

This urban sanctuary boasts traditional Taiwanese landscapes, including a lotus pond, medicinal plants, and an impressive greenhouse.

Visitors can soak up tranquil paths, idyllic spaces, and varied flora, making it a perfect retreat from the bustling city.

The garden is not just for botany enthusiasts. It’s an excellent destination for families, photographers, and those seeking peaceful, educational experiences. Children can enjoy the educational programs while adults appreciate the serene environment and cultural significance.

The garden has:

  • 1,500 species of plants
  • 17 districts: Each exhibits various plant types
  • 9 ponds: Designed to grow specific plants

This place isn’t just a tourist attraction, it’s meant to serve as a place for the Taipei Forestry Research Institute to perform research. As it helps them gather plant conservation data. It’s also meant to serve as an area that’ll promote conservation.

What to do

There isn’t anything to do here other than observe the plants and read their signage.

Here are all the exhibits to check out:

Succulent plantsPalmsDicotyledons
FernsGinger GardenLotus Pond
BamboosEnthnoplantsChinese Zodiac Plants
Butterfly Ginger PoolAustralian FloraSympetalous Flowers Garden
Plants in LiteratureBuddhism gardenGymnosperms
Botanists Memorial GardenSystematic BedsCrops
Food ForestsPlant Insect Interactions

If you’re bored looking at plants, check out one of the following museums: Guest House of the Imperial Envoys and the Herbarium. The former was the original Governor’s Office in Taiwan until 1919.

The latter has many Taiwanese plant species.

Then there’s the Taipei Collectible Botanical Garden. It includes the following zones:

  • Temperate: Deciduous trees, conifers, grasses, & more.
  • Alpine: Plants that can withstand 3500 meters in altitude.
  • Subtropical: Taiwan’s native trees & shrubs.
  • Tropical: Plants found in high-humidity areas.
  • Succulent: More than 500 succulent plants + cacti.

How to Get There

The simplest route to the garden involves taking the metro until Xiaonanmen Station and then looking for the directions to Exit 3. In addition, there are public bus stops at the Botanical Garden, Sanyuan St., and Jianguo High School.

It’s important to note that parking spaces in the vicinity of the garden are few.

The Garden’s History

Over 4,500 years ago, Old Taipei Lake became habitable land. From there, folks began transforming the area into a garden.

The garden has existed since 1896. However, the Japanese government opened the Taipei Botanical Garden in 1921 when Taiwan was under the Japan Empire’s rule.

Over time, the garden has added more plant species. By 1930, the museum had 1,129 species.

The Japanese government and the KMT (Republic of China government) abandoned the garden prior to World War II. However, over time, the Taiwan Forestry Research Institute has added species and resurrected the botanical garden.

Travel Tips

Follow these tips when visiting the Taipei Botanical Garden:

  • Wear sleeves & bring insect repellent: To ward off mosquitos.
  • Don’t bring outside food & drinks: They’re not allowed.


Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei City, Taiwan
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Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei City, Taiwan
Desert area again
Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei City, Taiwan
Desert area
Taipei Botanical Garden, Taipei City, Taiwan
Temperate area in Taipei Botanical Garden