Taipei Red Light District

I’m not going to introduce this post since there’s not much to talk about.

Does Taipei Have a Red Light District?

Taipei—and the rest of Taiwan—does not have a red light district.

Huaxi Night Market in Taipei used to have many ladies of the evening, but it doesn’t anymore. Or at least they’re much harder to find. The Taipei mayor in 2017 discussed a legalized prostitution zone in Wanhua District [1]. But nothing ever became of that.

I know why you Googled this keyword.

If you’re looking for a little extra something, you may need to talk to close friends who are locals and know where to get sensual massages or where to find hostess bars. And Taiwan doesn’t have strippers and in extension, strip clubs.

They have pole dancers that appear at funerals and some events. But that’s the closest you’re going to get to seeing any skin.

This is the shortest blog post I’ve written. However, while you’re in Taipei, I recommend exploring love hotels and other information regarding nightlife for foreigners.