Travel Costs for Taipei

This is an overview of the costs of traveling to Taipei City, Taiwan. Keep reading to learn more.

I’ve lived around Taipei City for over 5 years and have learned a lot about the costs of visiting here. That inspired me to build this list.


  • Average travelers will pay NT$1,847 a day.
  • Eating at hole-in-the-wall restaurants will cost NT$517 a day.
  • Entertainment will cost, on average, NT$544 daily.
  • Scams & robberies are rare.

Daily Cost to Visit Taipei, Taiwan

The following sections will provide estimates on the daily costs to visit Taipei each day.

These are estimates. Prices can change at a moment’s notice due to inflation, shortages, or folks just wanting to increase prices.

Consult with a local if you can on the prices of things, that’ll provide you with the most accurate information on pricing.

Budget Traveler Costs to Visit Taipei

It’ll cost a budget traveler, on average, NT$1,847 a day to visit Taipei City.

Taipei Travel Costs

Mid-range Traveler Costs to Visit Taipei

It’ll cost a mid-range traveler, on average, NT$1,847 a day to visit Taipei City.

Taipei Travel Costs

Luxury Traveler Costs to Visit Taipei

It’ll cost a luxury traveler, on average, NT$1,847 a day to visit Taipei City.

Taipei Travel Costs

Taiwan Currency, Exchange Rate

I can’t convert every currency to New Taiwan Dollars (NTD) myself. Use this widget to help you out.

Taipei Transportation Budget

And there’s Taiwan’s bicycle rental service, YouBike. Here’s the pricing table for it:

NT$5 ($0.17)First 30 minutes
NT$10 ($0.34)Per 30 minutes (for the next 4 hours)
NT$20 ($0.68)Per 30 minutes (for the next 4–8 hours)
NT$40 ($1.36)Per 30 minutes (after 8 hours)
YouBike 2.0 E
NT$20Per 30 minutes (for the first 2 hours)
NT$40per 30 minutes (from the 3rd hour forward)
Misc Fees
NT$150Roadside assistance
Taiwan YouBike prices compared.

What Did Other People Spend on Transportation in Taipei?

Folks will spend money on public transportation tickets, day passes, or integrated circuit cards (IC). These cards typically require a NT$100 deposit and allow you to enter any public transportation without using tokens or cash.

I highly recommend using these cards because transportation in Taipei is fast-paced and doesn’t give you much time to feed change into the change catcher.

Food Budget in Taipei

Eating in mom-and-pop shops or from convenience stores will cost a person, on average, NT$517 a day. Eating out at higher-end restaurants will boost this price to NT$300–600 per meal.

Alcohol & Water Budget in Taipei

Visiting bars will cost mid-range travelers NT$584 per day. Visiting convenience stores or supermarkets for drinks will reduce this cost to NT$200 per day. While at these stores, picking up a bottle of water will cost at least NT$30 per bottle.

Save money on water by carrying a reusable water bottle and refilling it at Taipei Metro stations. They’re free.

Entertainment Budget in Taipei

Average entertainment prices for mid-range and luxury travelers is NT$544. Such prices could include entry into nightclubs or tourist attraction tickets. Tickets to enter most places (e.g., museums) are primarily around NT$100.

These estimates don’t account for buying food, drink, and alcohol.

You’ll need more than NT$2,000 to visit the top floor of Taipei 101.

Don’t know what to do in Taipei?

Check out these tourist hotspots:

Tips & Handouts Budget in Taipei

Tipping isn’t required in Taiwan. Thus, only tip if you want to. Taiwanese people won’t decline tips.

Scams, Robberies, & Mishaps Budget in Taipei

Scams and robberies rarely happen in Taiwan in general. Most of the time, this number should remain at “0”. At worst, you may find yourself scammed by someone trying to sell you fake stuff. However, this rarely happens as well.

Unless you count buying knock-off goods as fake. Then that happens frequently in claw machine shops and night markets.

Price for Flights to Taipei

I, nor anyone on the internet, can provide an accurate estimate as to how much flights will cost from anywhere in the world to Taipei City.

I can tell you that flying to Taoyuan International Airport will generally cost less than flying to Taipei Songshan International Airport. As the latter airport is usually for business flights.

Play with this flight widget and see what results await:

Money-saving Tips When Visiting Taipei for 1 Week

Follow these tips to save money when visiting Taipei City:

  • Carry a reusable water bottle: Saves money on bottled water & gives a discount when getting coffee or tea.
  • Consider Taipei Fun Pass: It’ll grant free entry to many of Taipei’s tourist attractions.
  • Keep receipts: If you’re in Taiwan during a receipt lottery drawing, you could win money.
  • Avoid Starbucks: Louisa is like Starbucks, but has more affordable coffee.
  • Bring your own supplements: Supplements are expensive in Taiwan.