Yangmingshan National Park – Visitors Guide

Important Information

Admission PriceFree
Chinese Name陽明山

Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan, boasts hot springs, diverse flora, and active volcanoes. Nature lovers, bird watchers, and hikers will relish it. Its springtime flower blooms captivate photographers. Those seeking tranquility should visit.

Park Rules (Important)

Follow these rules when at Yangmingshan:

  • Don’t take anything from the park.
  • Don’t sell stuff.
  • No flying kites.
  • No camping or setting campfires.
  • Don’t feed wildlife.
  • Don’t bring pets into the Park’s Ecological Protection Area.

Best Time to Visit

The best months to visit Yangmingshan National Park are February through April. These months have the best weather and give you the best chance to see flowers like cherry blossoms.

How to Get There

The Taipei MRT will not go to Yangmingshan National Park. The ways to reach this area are by bus, taxi, or Uber.

Here are all the buses that will go to Yangmingshan:

R5303 (Shuttle)
S26S15 (Shuttle)
260 (Shuttle)108
S19108 (Shuttle) from Erziping

You’ll want to get off at these stops upon reaching Yangmingshan:

  • Yangmingshan
  • Yangmingshan park Visitor Center
  • Yangmingshan Park
  • Yangmingshan Spring

It’ll take you around an hour to reach Yangmingshan via bus. I recommend leaving as early as possible to ensure you get the most out of your day trip.

What to do

Here are all the scenic spots I recommend checking out:

Scenic SpotAddressDescriptionBest For
Yangmingshuwu (Zhongxing Guesthouse)12 Zhongxing Road, Yangmingshan, Beitou District, Taipei City, TaiwanA former summer home for Chiang Kai-shek.History buffs
Datun Nature ParkNo. 53-2 Checheng, Xinhua Li, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City 25243Restored nature park.Eco tourists
Xiaoyoukeng69 Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Taipei City, TaiwanWatch sulfur deposits & steam vents.Families
LengshuikengNo. 170, Lane 101, Jingshan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City 11192Indoor bathing area.Couples
Qingtiangang246 Lane 101, Jingshan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, TaiwanPark w/ grasslands.Families
Tianxiyuan Ecology Education CenterNo. 45, Lane 336, Zhishan Road Section 3, Shilin District, Taipei 11143Learn about Yangmingshan’s biodiversity.Families 
LongfengguNo. 200 Quanyuan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 11247Farmer’s Market & steam vents.Families
Headquarters Visitor CenterNo. 1-20 Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Taipei City 11292Various exhibits.Families
Flower clockNAArea adjourned with various flowers.Families
Menghuan PondNAEcological conservation zone.Families
Zhuzihu NAFarming village.Families

And of course, you’ll find various hiking paths. Let’s talk about those.

Hiking Paths

Here are the trails you’ll find in Yangmingshan:

Mt. Datun4.2 hrsHard5.4 km
Mt. Zhongzheng3 hrsHard4 km
Mt. Caigongkeng50 minEasy1.5 km
Erziping80Hard1.8 km
Mt. Miantian2.23 hrsModerate6.6 km
Qixing Mountain2.3 hrsModerate4.5 km
Mt. Shamao1.3 hrsModerate3.2 km
Menghuan Pond1.2 hrsEasy2.5 km
Juansi Waterfall1.3 hrsHard2.2 km
Jinbaoli Trail (Yulu Historical Trail)4.3 hrsModerate6.6 km
Qingtiangang Circular Trail50 minEasy2.4 km
Mt. Ding3 hrsHard6.6 km
Pingding Historical Canal1.15 hrsEasy2.3 km
Yangjin Highway3.35 hrsHard5.2 km
Bailaka Highway1.20 hrsEasy2.5 km
Lengshuikeng-Qingtiangang1.10 hrsEasy1.8 km
Jingshan Road2.45 hrsHard5.2 km

Tips for a Smoother Journey

Follow these tips when visiting Yangmingshan:

  • Understand basic wilderness survival skills in case you get lost.
  • Bring the following equipment:
    • Flashlight (or headlamp) + spare batteries: In case it’s dark.
    • Compass: Prevent getting lost.
    • Whistle: To help rescuers find you.
    • Map: To know where you’re going.
    • Raincoat: In case it rains.
    • Cell phone battery bank: Keep your phone charged.
    • Wear boots: Prevent snakes from biting your ankles.
    • Bring bug spray: Deter mosquitos.
  • Watch your surroundings: For snakes & other critters.