Best Time to Visit Taipei, Taiwan

This is an overview of all Taipei’s seasons and a means to help you choose the best time to visit. Read on to learn more.

I’ve lived around Taipei for more than 5 years and have experienced all weather conditions it could offer. Hence, it has given me the best idea of when people should visit.


  • October is the best month to visit for temperature & lack of holidays.
  • Avoid visiting between July & October because of typhoons.
  • December through May are excellent for lower temperatures.
  • Taiwan is very humid year-round.

Temperatures in Taipei Compared by Month

MonthAvg. Weather (°F)Avg. Weather (°C)Noteworthy Festival
January57–66.4 °F13.9–19.1 °CLunar New Year
February57.6–67.3 °F14.2–19.6 °CLunar New Year
March60.4–71.8 °F15.8–22.1 °CFirefly season
April78.3–66.2 °F25.7–19 °CTomb Sweeping Day
May84.6–72.1 °F29.2–22.3 °CInternational Matsu Festival
June76.3–89.6 °F24.6–32 °CDragon Boat Festival
July93.7–79.3 °F34.3–26.3 °CInternational Balloon Festival
August79–92.8 °F26.1–33.8 °CGhost Month
September88–76.6 °F31.1–24.8 °CMoon Festival
October72.1–81.5 °F22.3–27.5 °CDouble 10
November66.7–75.6 °F19.3–24.2 °CView chrysanthemums
December60.1–69.3 °F15.6–20.7 °CChristmas & New Year’s Eve

Best Time to Visit Taipei by Season

The following sections will cover what each season’s like in Taipei, whether it’s worth visiting around those times, and if there are any holidays you should consider.

Taiwan has very high relative humidity. In many scenarios, you’ll walk outside and feel drenched in sweat. And it can make the temperatures feel hotter than it is. For instance, if you have 95 °F weather with 60% relative humidity, it’ll feel like 107 °F.

An additional 10 degrees.

Let’s dive into this.

Fall in Taipei

MonthAvg. Temp *Avg. Relative Humidity **Rainy Days †
September76.6–88 °F66.2%13
October72.1–81.5 °F68.1%13
November66.7–75.6 °F69.5%12

These are the best months to visit Taipei. The humidity is a bit ridiculous, but the lower temperatures counter the increase you’d notice. 

These months don’t have too many holidays. Thus, you don’t need to risk price hikes and mass migrations. The Mid-Autumn Festival happens in late September, increasing the number of people moving around.

However, I haven’t noticed price hikes. The same goes for National Day, around October 8th through the 10th.

Nothing happens during November except for Sun Yat-sen’s Birthday, which isn’t a national holiday. Thanksgiving isn’t a big thing here, meaning you won’t need to worry about many people moving around.

Black Friday also isn’t a “thing” here. Some stores will have Black Friday sales (e.g., Costco). But they’re not crazy like in the States.

Don’t forget to order flight tickets at least a month or 3 ahead of time. It’ll help you get the best chances of getting cheaper flight tickets.

Here’s the second-best season to visit Taipei.

Spring in Taipei

MonthAvg. Temp *Avg. Relative Humidity **Rainy Days †
March72.1–84.6 °F68.3%11
April66.2–78.3 °F68.2%12
May72.1–84.6 °F67.8%15

These 3 months are also fantastic months to visit Taipei because there aren’t too many holidays. Tomb Sweeping Day on April 4th is a national holiday and a lot of people will have the day off. Then there’s Matsu’s birthday on May 1st. 

The latter is a religious holiday dedicated to the goddess Matsu. Nothing that happens during this time will affect your traveling experience.

When visiting around this time, check out the cherry blossoms.

And here are the best places to see them in Taipei City:

  • Yangmingshan National Park (陽明山): Late January–April
    • No. 12, Lane 42, Pingjing St., Shilin District
    • No. 38, Section 2, Hushan Rd, Beitou District
    • Section 1, Hushan Rd, Beitou District
  • Nehu: February–Early March
    • Lohas Park (樂活公園): Lane 61, Kangle St., Neihu District
  • Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂): First half of February–March

You don’t need to pay to see any of these cherry blossoms. Though, you’ll find it crowded.

You’ll also find them in the Gold Museum, Big Bear Cherry Blossom Forest, and Tianyuan Temple in New Taipei City, which is adjacent. However, this guide’s about Taipei.

Check these places out if you go near them.

Let’s move on to my favorite season.

Winter in Taipei

MonthAvg. Temp *Avg. Relative Humidity **Rainy Days †
December60.1–69.3 °F67.4%12
January57–66.4 °F69.2%12
February57.6–67.3 °F71.8%10

Winter’s a great season to visit Taipei if you want to experience Taiwan’s Christmas scene and avoid Taiwan’s hottest weather. These are the coldest months, and they feel amazing.

Most folks in Taiwan don’t seriously celebrate Christmas. Many decorate for it. However, they blow many displays I’ve seen in the U.S. out of the water. For instance, the Banqiao, New Taipei City Christmasland has light displays everywhere, concerts, a giant tree, and more.

It’s also lovely to arrive around New Year’s Eve. Sit in front of Taipei 101 and watch massive fireworks show. Or go to one of the restaurants in Maokong Mountain and watch from a distance. 

Taking this route will help you escape the hell of the crowds that flock to MRT stations after the firework show.

If you want to stay at a hotel around Taipei 101 around New Year’s Eve, you must book at least a year in advance. People want those rooms and are willing to pay a lot to stay in them. Thus, they sell out quickly.

Aside from summer months, February is one of the worst months to visit because of the Lunar New Year holiday (Chinese New Years). Billions of people shuffle throughout Asia and can make finding flights a nightmare [1].

This’ll lead to price hikes and difficulty booking flights. Plus, a lot of Taipei is empty and buildings are closed since many folks will head to the countryside to visit their families.

The dates for Lunar New Year will change every year. In 2024, Lunar New year is February 9th through the 15th. The holiday will fall in January in 2025. Then from 2026 to 2033, it’ll be in February again.

Here’s where the weather gets bad…

Summer in Taipei

MonthAvg. Temp *Avg. Relative Humidity **Rainy Days †
June76.3–89.6 °F69.5%15
July79.3–93.7 °F63.1%14
August79–92.8 °F66.6%15

The Dragon Boat Festival happens in June, which is an event where many Taiwanese will watch people piloting dragon-shaped boats race. Some places, like Sun Moon Lake, will cost more to stay at and may not have any rooms available.

And no holidays happen during July and August. However, these months are all super hot and not ideal for visiting outdoor attractions.

If you arrive in Taiwan during this time, bring sunscreen and ensure you keep an umbrella on you whenever you go out. Taipei now has umbrella rental services at the MRT stations, but they require an app.

You’ll also find umbrellas for under NT$150 at convenience stores like Family Mart and 7-Eleven.

This season also falls under the typhoon season. Let’s learn when it’ll happen.

Typhoon Season in Taiwan

Typhoon season in Taiwan runs from July toward the end of September. Some sources suggest they’ll happen in May, June, October, and November, but I’ve never seen one in those time frames [2].

Taiwan will rarely have typhoons earlier than July and later than September. However, in my 5 years here, I haven’t seen one outside the time frame I listed.

Best Places to Visit in Taipei

National Palace Museum


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Historical site

Taipei Zoo

Daytrip, for families

Taipei 101


Miniatures Museum of Taiwan


National Revolutionary Martyer’s Shrine

Historical site

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Historical site

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Hot springs

Yangmingshan National Park


Daan Forest Park

Daytrip, for families

Miramar Ferris Wheel

For families, shopping

Guanghua Digital Plaza


Treasure Hill

Historical site

Maokong Mountain

Vista, hiking

Dihua Street

Historical site

Taipei Botanical Garden




Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Historical site

Jianguo Flower & Jade Markets



Does It Snow in Taipei?

It does not snow in Taipei. Most of the snow in Taiwan happens on the main island’s Central Mountain Range.


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