Chenghuang Temple Night Market – Visitors Guide

Hsinchu Chenghuang Temple Night Market is adjacent to the Hsinchu City God Temple. Some foods it’s known for include vermicelli, pork rice, and fish balls. Dig deeper to learn more about this market.

I’m reviewing as many night markets as possible, which led me to Hsinchu’s City God Temple Market. I compiled as much information as possible to help you determine whether it’s worth a visit.

Important Information

HoursDaily: 10 AM–10 PM
Number of StallsUnknown
Closest Rail StationNA
Opening DateBetween 1895 and 1945
City LocatedHsinchu City
AddressNo. 75, Zhongshan Rd., North District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Chinese Name城隍廟夜市 (Chén Huáng Miào yèshì)
Information for City God Night Market
Hsinchu City God Temple, Hsinchu City, Taiwan
Chenghuang Temple.

Foods to Try

While you’re visiting Chenghuang Temple, I recommend visiting these places in the City God Night Market and trying dishes like:

Fish Meatball SoupZheng’s Fishball (鄭家魚丸燕圓)No. 75號, Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300
Spring RollsKuo’s Spring Roll (郭家潤餅)No. 75號, Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300
Cuttlefish SoupLian’s Cuttlefish Thick Soup (連家魷魚羹)No. 75, Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300
Oyster OmeletWang’s Oyster Omelet (王記蚵仔煎)No. 75號, Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300
Rice Vermicelli NoodlesAcheng Rice Vermicelli (阿城號米粉)No. 75號, Zhongshan Rd, North District, Hsinchu City, 300
Pork Belly On Top Of RiceLiu’s Braised Pork Rice (劉家肉燥飯)No. 92號, Yucheng Rd, Sanmin District, Kaohsiung City, 807
List of foods to try at Hsinchu City God Temple Market.

I also highly recommend trying this bread. I can’t remember the bread’s name. From what I’ve found, it seems like it’s pita bread.

Either way, I could eat an entire bag in an hour. I honestly can’t remember the address to save my life, either. If you see a stand with these bags, or cooking these beauties, buy them.

While you’re browsing the market, try other foods that look good. Or buy souvenirs.

How To Get There

From Hsinchu Railway Station, take buses (link to bus schedules) 11A, 11, or 21 to the City God Temple stop.

Otherwise, order an Uber or taxi.

Things To Do Near the Night Market

Here’s a list of things to do nearby the Hsinchu City God market:

AttractionWalking TimeTo-Do
City God Temple3 Min.Observe Beautiful Architecture & Pray
Hsinchu Central Market4 Min.Traditional Market (Buy Stuff)
Hsinchu Dongmen Market5 Min.Peruse The Old Street
Zhongzhengtai Night Market5 Min.Try Different Foods
Hsinchu Guandi Temple4 Min.More Architecture
Hsinchu Zoo9 Min. (Drive)It’s A Zoo
Hsinchu Weekend Flower Market7 Min. (Drive)Try New Foods, Play Games, And Observe Orchids
Things to do nearby the Hsinchu City God Temple Market.

Most of these activities involve temples or other markets to visit. But it’s all within a reasonable distance from Hsinchu Station.

And you’ll never find a food shortage.

Before finishing this guide, let’s check out the market’s history.

Hsinchu City God Temple’s History

Within Hsinchu’s North District, you’ll find the Chenghuang Temple, or City God, Night Market ( 城隍廟夜市), which sits before the temple.

The night market has been around since Japan’s occupation (between 1895 and 1945).

While you’re there, visit Chenghuang Temple. It was built during the Qing Dynasty, and it’s regarded as one of the highest-ranking City God temples throughout Taiwan. That’s because the Chenghuang, the god, has superior spiritual powers [1].

A City God is a deity or a group of deities meant to protect a specific town or city. You’ll find these types of temples everywhere throughout Taiwan.

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