Dihua Old Street – Visitors Guide

Important Information for Travelers

Entry FeeFree
AddressSection 1, Dihua St., Datong District, Taipei City, 103
Avg. Time Spent Here1 hour
Chinese Name迪化街

Dihua Street, Taipei’s oldest street, enchants visitors with its historic charm and rich cultural tapestry.

A fusion of past and present, this vibrant commercial hub features traditional Chinese medicine shops, fabric stores, tea houses, and Lunar New Year marketplaces, all housed in beautifully preserved Qing Dynasty architecture.

Frequented by history buffs, food lovers, and shopping enthusiasts, it offers a unique experience for those seeking to explore Taiwanese culture, cuisine, and traditions. Ideal for families, photographers, and culture enthusiasts, Dihua Street is a quintessential Taipei destination.

What’s There to do?

Here’s what I recommend doing in Dadaocheng Old Street:

  • Visit Xiahai City God Temple / 台北霞海城隍廟: A temple people visit to pray to the city god.
    • Best for religious site enthusiasts.
  • Cheng Lu Tong / 埕樂通: A cultural center with galleries.
    • Best for anyone interested in Taiwan’s history.
  • Salon 1920s / 貳零年華: Rent a qipao (traditional dress) & have a photography session.
  • Admire the architecture
  • Yongle Market / 永樂市場: Market that includes produce, fabric, prepared food, & more.
  • Dadaocheng Cisheng Temple / 大稻埕慈聖宮天上聖母: Another temple.

Also check out one of the many gift shops. I don’t recommend getting anything specific as souvenirs other than handmade goods.

You’ll find a plethora of food shops, cafés, and tea houses. A place I’ve gotten bubble tea at that I highly recommend is Dadaochen. It has an angry pig as a logo.

Dihua Old Street is most popular during the Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year). During this time, sometimes more than 10 million people flock to this street a couple of weeks prior to the holiday [1].

Taiwanese use this as an opportunity to buy fresh ingredients and candies for the coming holiday.

You’ll find Dadaocheng Pier Plaza at the end of the street. Let’s talk about it more.

Information About Dadaocheng Wharf (Tourist Hotspot)

Address103, Taipei City, Datong District
Chinese Name大稻埕碼頭

Visit this place at night. You’ll find various vendors, bars, and live music. All while having a beautiful view of the Tamsui River. During the day, you could rent a YouBike and ride along the riverside cycling trail.

YouBike is Taiwan’s bicycle rental service and costs less than $1.00 (USD) per half hour, to use.

There’s also a functioning ferry pier that’ll take you to Tamsui after finishing a tour, another wharf in northern New Taipei City. It’s another location with an excellent old street.

The ferry operates on weekends and costs NT$300 for a one-way trip.

Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei, Taiwan
Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei, Taiwan
Dadaocheng Wharf, Taipei, Taiwan

How to get to Dihua Street

Get to Dihua Street by taking the Taipei MRT Blue Line to Beimen Station. From there, make your way north on Tacheng Street.

This should take you around 9 minutes.

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Sunset at Dadaocheng
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Qipao rental place
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Map of Dihua Street
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Visitors center
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Chinese medicine store
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Great place to get cinnamon rolls
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