Tainan Flower Night Market – Visitors Guide

Tainan Flower Night Market in Tainan City. It’s one of southern Taiwan’s most famous night markets. Foods you’ll want to try at this market include eel noodles and takoyaki.

I’ve lived in Taiwan for around 5 years and want to share information on every Taiwanese night market in the country. Thus, I grabbed as much information as possible about the Tainan Flower Night Market.

Important Information

HoursThur, Sat, & Sun: 5:00 PM–12:00 AM
Number of Stalls400
Closest Rail StationTainan Flower Night Market (bus station)
Opening Date1999
City LocatedTainan City
AddressNo. 533號, Section 3, Hai’an Rd, North District, Tainan City, Taiwan 704
Chinese Name花園夜市 (Huāyuán yèshì)
Information for Tainan Flower Night Market

Foods To Try

Street food to try at Tainan’s flower market include:

Thai-Style Iced Tea Served From A Tuk TukTuk Tuk Cha Cha Thai Tea (龜龜毛毛泰國奶茶)700, Tainan City, West Central District, 700國華街三段111號之5
Coffin Bread: Hollow Bread Filled With SoupNANA
Bubble TeaNANA
Japanese TakoyakiNANA
Eel Noodles: Noodles With Eel PasteNANA
Stinky TofuNANA
List of foods to try at Tainan Garden Night Market.

They don’t have any famous restaurants that are Michelin-recommended. But, they offer plenty of food stalls. And if you’re bored with the Garden Night Market, try one of the other nearby markets.

I’ll talk about these in a second.

I couldn’t find any restaurants or food stalls specializing in almost all these dishes. If you want to learn more about each dish, check out my guide on Taiwanese food.

If you want to visit a night market to do more than eating, play basketball arcade machines, balloon darts, or pinball. Otherwise, buy handmade accessories or pick up souvenirs.

This market’s open on Thursday evenings and weekends.

How To Get There

If you’re coming from Tainan Train Station, take bus 0 to Tainan Flower Night market (台南花園夜市).

Otherwise, you could walk 27 minutes from the train station or hail a taxi.

If you’re staying in Tainan for a while and know how to ride a motorbike, I recommend renting one. Because other than buses and taxis, Tainan doesn’t have as many ways to get around compared to cities like Taipei and New Taipei.

Tainan is one of many cities you’d want to consider renting a car. Here’s my guide on how to rent a vehicle in Taiwan.

Attractions That Are Nearby

Xiaobei Night Market is an 11-minute walk away from Tainan’s Garden Night Market. It’s a small night market that has excellent foods to try, like:

  • More eel noodles
  • Sticky rice pudding
  • Stew made with swordfish paste

It’s a great night market if you get bored with the Flower Market.

Wusheng Night Market is also somewhat nearby. It’s a 17-minute walk (1.4 km or 0.8 miles). They have great-tasting oyster omelets at Three A Brothers (阿三哥). Or get large chunks of fried chicken at Big Shanghai Fried Chicken (大上海香酥雞).

The Costco Tainan store is around 7 minutes away. Whether you want to get steps in after eating or want to see a Taiwan Costco, it’s a fun(ish) place to visit.

You’ll need a Costco membership. But if you have one from your home country, you will still be able to enter [1].

There isn’t much else to do nearby the Tainan Flower Night Market.

Let’s see whether it has a rich history.

Tainan Flower Night Market’s “Rich” History

The Tainan Flower Night Market, or Garden Night Market, came to life in 1999 and many consider it southern Taiwan’s most famous night market.

The most famous night market up north is Shilin, and in the middle, Fengjia.

There’s not much history I could find.