Guanghua Digital Plaza – Visitors Guide

Information for Guanghua Digital Plaza

HoursMon–Sun: 11 AM–9 PM
AddressNo. 8號, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100
Address (Chinese)市民大道三段8號 (新生南路), Taipei, 100
Avg. Time Spent Here2 hrs
Chinese Name光華商場
Number of Floors6

Guanghua Digital Plaza in Taiwan houses a multitude of tech shops. Tech enthusiasts and shoppers can explore 6 floors of electronics, games, and gadgets. Those keen on latest technology should consider visiting.

A photo of the exterior of Guanghua Digital Plaza, a large technology and electronics store in Taipei, Taiwan. The building has several floors and is lit up at night, with multiple people visible through the windows.

How to Get There

Take the Taipei MRT Orange or Blue Lines to Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station. Upon arrival, leave from one of two exits:

  • Exit 1:
    • Leave the building & walk toward the Mega Bank building (don’t cross the road).
    • Turn left into the alley.
    • Keep walking until you reach a dead end.
    • Turn left.
    • Walk down the alley until reaching a 3-way intersection; turn right.
    • Continue straight until reaching Guanghua.
  • Exit 4:
    • Leave the building, cross the street in the direction toward Mega Bank.
    • When reaching across the road, turn right, & walk down Section 1, Xinsheng S Rd.
    • Upon reaching the Panasonic building, turn left.
    • You’ll see a Lenovo store; turn right on this road, & you’ll see Guanghua.

Is There Anything to do?

Other than exploring the various stores, there’s not much to do here. It’s a shopping center and nothing more.

Guanghua doesn’t have as vast of a food court as Syntrend Creative Park. You’ll find at least 10 stores on the first floor and that’s all. I recommend getting from the alleyway across the road. It has various traditional Taiwanese restaurants and food stalls.

There’s also a Burger King further down the road.

What to Buy

If you’re building a PC in Taiwan, this is where you’d grab most of your parts. Even if you order from Coolpc—Taiwanese computer part-picking website—this is where you’d pick up most of your purchases.

Despite Taiwan being home to companies like ASUS, MSI, and Gigabyte, prices in Taiwan aren’t lower. They’re allegedly lower due to Taiwan having a smaller market, thus they raise the price to make up for the lack of people.

I don’t recommend getting cell phones or cell phone accessories from here. Phones cost less in Ximending and night markets typically have more affordable accessories.

Information for Syntrend Creative Park

HoursSun–Thur: 11 AM–9:30 PM
Fri & Sat: 11 AM–10 PM
AddressNo. 2號, Section 3, Civic Blvd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 10058
Address (Chinese)10058台北市中正區市民大道三段2號
Avg. Time Spent Here2 hrs
Chinese Name三創數位生活園區
Number of Floors12

Syntrend Creative Park in Taiwan is a thriving hub for local artists. This vibrant park showcases eclectic artwork, performance, and food. Art enthusiasts and culture seekers should visit for its creative inspiration. Unique souvenirs make it a shopping paradise for tourists.

Floor Guide

Here’s what you’ll find on each floor in Syntrend:

FloorFloor ThemeDescription
B2FTasteFood court
1FLOOKStores include cellular businesses, ASUS, & Starbucks
2FTOUCHLaptop/desktop brands like Microsoft, Acer, & Dell
3FSTYLEPhotography equipment from stores like DJI, Nikon, & Canon
4FHOMEHome appliances
5FLISTENAudio equipment from brands like Bose & JBL
6FGAMENerdy/weeby toys shops & video game stores
7FCOLLECTToy store, kids’ arcade, & maid cafe
8FEXPLOREThermaltake & Samsung store
9FDINEHigh(ish)-end restaurants
10FDREAMCo-working space
11FINSPIRECo-working space
Skytend Creative Park, Taipei, Floor Guide

Syntrend cycles through stores so often that I shouldn’t list every store on each floor. I listed examples that I’m confident won’t shut down in a year or 2.

Most stores in Syntrend charge an arm and a leg for their products, making it only a great place to test products. If you’re a tourist, you likely won’t have the opportunity to find better prices online.

The first floor usually has themed exhibitions happening. Whether an e-sports tournament, or a a bunch of stands serving Korean food. It’s what keeps me coming back.

Is it Far From Guanghua?

This mall is adjacent to Guanghua Digital Plaza. The buildings literally connect via a skybridge.

Tourist Tax Refund: What You’ll Need to Know

If you make at least NT$2,000 worth of purchases within a day you’re eligible for a 5% VAT tax refund. So long as the product is unopened.

To claim this refund, you must visit the customer service counter on the first floor of Syntrend Creative Park. They’ll want to see your purchases and your non-Taiwan passport.