Ningxia Night Market – Visitors Guide

This guide will cover all essential information about Ningxia Night Market in Taipei City. Shredded chicken on rice from Fang Jia (方家雞肉飯) is the most amazing food here. Keep reading to learn more.

I want to share my experience at Ningxia Night Market to help you determine whether it’s worth visiting.

Important Information

Hours5:00 PM—1:00 AM
Number of Stalls200+
Closest Rail StationShuanglian Station (Red Line)
Opening Date*60+ years old
City LocatedTaipei City
Address103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 寧夏夜市
Chinese Name寧夏夜市
* The Taipei government’s website says “60 years of history” [1].

Ningxia Night Market Restaurant Map

What to Eat

Ningxia night market has many food you should try like:

FoodRestaurant/StandRestaurant Chinese NameAddress
Shredded Chicken on RiceFang Jia方家雞肉飯103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 060攤位
Oyster OmeletLai Ji賴雞蛋蚵仔煎No. 198之22號, Minsheng W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
MochiLin Zhen林振櫂燒麻糬103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 97號攤位
Spicy Stinky TofuLin Ji林記麻辣臭豆腐103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 70號寧夏夜市攤位
Fried Taro BallLiu Yu Zi劉芋仔蛋黃芋餅103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 091攤位
Sugarcane juiceLian Beverage Shop蓮飲料吧103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 001攤位
Papaya MilkTong Nian童年木瓜牛奶103, Taipei City, Datong District, Ningxia Rd, 114號攤位
Oyster MushroomsNowhere specificNANA
Tofu PuddingGo Za Vi Toufa冰霖古早味豆花No. 210號, Minsheng W Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, 103
Foods to try at Ningxia Night Market.

Is there anything to do other than eat food?

Yeah. You could do the following:

  • Play carnival-style night market games
  • Buy cheap clothing
  • Play gashapons or claw machines
  • Buy other random trinkets or accessories

You aren’t going to find many (if any) souvenirs at Ningxia Night Market. As with most other Taiwanese markets. You may discover souvenir stores with trinkets, but I wouldn’t recommend those. Unless you want a keychain or magnet.

ningxia night market

How to Get There 

Take the Taipei Metro Red Line to Shuanglian Station (雙連站) and leave the building from Exit 1. Head west toward Minsheng West Road (民生西路), and the market will appear in front of you.

Or take one of the Taipei City buses to Minsheng Chongqing Rd. Intersection station. You’ll need to walk for around 5 minutes from there to reach Ningxia. Honestly, you’re better off taking the MRT.

More Night Markets in Taipei

Shuangcheng and Yansan night markets are the closest markets to Ningxia. The former doesn’t have anything special; while the latter has great cabbage rice. Yansan is also adjacent to the Tamsui River, which gives you a chance to walk off the calories along the riverside.

Things to Do Nearby

Here’s what to do near Ningxia Night Market:

AttractionWalking TimeTo-Do
Dadaocheng Pier14 min.Have drinks & gaze at the river
Dihua Street8 min.Historical old street
Xiahai City God Temple8 min.Religious site built in 1856
Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art10 min.Contemporary art museum
Wenchang Temple11 min.Religious site
FunLock15 min.Escape room
Things to do nearby Ningxia Night Market

Dadaocheng Pier is along the Tamsui River and provides access to cycling trails and various parks.

Ningxia’s History

Ningxia was a park during the Empire of Japan’s occupation, with a handful of street food stalls. However, World War 2 forced the government to turn the park into a water storage facility. Throughout a blurred history, the park caught on fire.

At some point after WW2, the Taipei City Government rebuilt the market after realizing its success pre-WW2. Ever since, food stalls have appeared and attracted tourists.