Taichung MRT Map & Guide

Keep reading to learn how to take and pay for the Taichung Mass Rapid Transit (Taichung MRT or TMRT). Also, find stations along its route and nearby attractions.

I’ve used the Taichung MRT a lot. Those traveling to Taichung City may need some help with the MRT. I want to help you navigate it by presenting information based on my experience.


  • The MRT will take you along Western Taichung City.
  • Costs NT$10-50 for a one-way trip.
  • Pay using stored value cards or tokens.
  • One-day, 24 hour, & 48 hour MRT passes exist for taking the MRT a lot in a short time span.

Route Map

Here’s a map of Taichung MRT’s green line:

Taichung MRT route map.
Here’s a map for Taichung’s Green Line.

Green Line

The TMRT’s Green Line has the following stations:

StationWhat’s Nearby
Beitun Main StationCostco
JiusheNanxing Park
SongzhuSongzhu TRA Station
Sihwei Elementary SchoolBeitun Children’s Park
Wenxin ChongdeNA
Wenxin ZhongqingRiverside cycling path
Wenhua Senior High SchoolNA
Wenxin YinghuaNA
Taichung City HallNational Taichung Theater
Shui-an TempleShui-an Temple
Wenxin Forest ParkWenxin Forest Park & Fulfillment Amphitheater
Feng-le ParkFongle Sculpture Park & Costco
DaqingDaqing TRA Station
WuriWuri Night Market
HSR Taichung StationTaiwan High-Speed Rail station
Taichung Mass Rapid Transit Green Line stations.

Taichung only has the green line now. But it makes traveling around Taichung City more accessible. Especially if you combine it with taking the Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA) trains.

What does that even mean?

Transfer at Daqing or Songzhu stations will allow you to transfer to their correlating train stations. These will enable you to navigate to the following states throughout the inner city:

  • Taiyuan
  • Jingwu
  • Taichung Station
  • Wuquan

Taichung Station lies by Miyahara, the Green Waterway, and various other popular attractions. And it gives you access to TRA trains that exit the city. A great way to get out of Taichung without paying the High-Speed Rail (HSR) prices.

taichung station dragonfly statue
A giant dragonfly statue.
Taichung Station Old Station.
Check out the old station building while you’re here.

It’s still a pain to navigate through the city center. You could rent a YouBike, hail a taxi, take a bus, or walk. I walked. Because God knows I need the exercise.

What Are Ticket Prices Like?

The Taichung MRT costs between NT$10-50 for a one-way trip. The amount you’ll pay depends on the stations you depart from and arrive at. The fare increases by NT$5 for every 3 miles (5 km) traveled.

How to Pay

Pay for the Taichung MRT by using single-journey tickets or stored value cards. The former is a token you’d purchase from the ticket vending machine or customer service booths.

Groups of 10 or more people should purchase a group ticket from the TMRT customer service booths. These tickets will give you 20% off your fare.

The stored value cards refer to EasyCard, iPass, and icash 2.0. You’ll need to pay a NT$100+ deposit on the EasyCard and iPass. Then fill them with a balance. The icash 2.0 is only available at 7-11.


I recommend using these cards over the single-journey tickets. They make decent souvenirs and are cashless for hundreds of shops and services throughout Taiwan. For instance, you can only pay for YouBike bicycle rentals using an EasyCard or iPass.

How to Buy Tickets

Purchase your ticket from a customer service center or one of the ticket vending machines. Those using a stored value card will set their card on the card scanner and add money to it through the machine.

Card scanner for Taichung MRT ticket machine.
Scan your card here.
Ticket machine at Taichung MRT station
The UI for the ticket machine.

The Single-Journey Tickets will require you to push the button with the large round green token.

Let’s talk about passes.

Travel Passes Compared

Compare the various passes accessible through the Taichung MRT:

PassPriceBest For
One-Day PassNT$120Staying in Taichung for less than a day
24-hour PassNT$150Staying in Taichung for over a day
48-hour PassNT$2502-day Taichung travel
Taichung MRT Passes compared.

How to Enter & Exit the MRT

Make your way toward the gates with the green arrow. Tap your card or Single-Journey Pass against the card sensor and wait for the gate to open.

taichung mrt gate 1
Scan your ticket or card here.
taichung mrt cart entrance
Line up for the train cart here.

If you’re familiar with the Taipei MRT, it’s the same method of entering.

Tips & Etiquette for a Better Journey

Find a Taichung MRT Station by looking for signs like this outside the station:

A sign for Daqing Station of the Taichung MRT.
This is how to identify a TMRT Station.

And keep these tips in mind when taking the MRT:

  • Don’t eat
  • If not walking up/down escalators, stand on the right side
  • Wait for departing passengers to leave before entering the MRT
  • Sit in the light green seats
    • Don’t sit in the pink seats unless you’re pregnant, elderly, or disabled

I couldn’t find any mobile apps for the Taichung MRT.

Future (Planned) Taichung MRT Expansions

Taichung’s working on the following MRT expansions:

  • Blue Line: Taichung Harbor-Taiping
  • Orange Line: Taichung Airport-Wufeng
  • Red Line: Shepi-Shin Min High School
  • Purple Line: Yuanshan New Village-Daqing

Here’s a plan of their planned proposal:

taichiung mrt future planned routes
Source: taichung.gov.tw/2228185/post

Nothing too exciting. But it’ll make navigating the central city and its outskirts much easier. No more having to take the bus everywhere.


How Many Stations Are on the Taichung MRT Map?

The Taichung Metro has 18 stations so far.