Guide to Taiwan Night Markets

Taiwan night markets are areas with purpose-built venues or streets lined with stalls and shops. These folks sell various foods, clothing, and host carnival-style games. Keep reading to learn more.

I’ve been to many Taiwanese night markets throughout my 5 years of living here and want to share my knowledge. To help you determine whether they’re worth visiting while in Taiwan.

Important Information

What to Buy in Taiwan Night Markets

Buy food. Many night markets will have clothing shops with affordable clothing, I also recommend checking those out.

And if you’re in need of cheap cellphone accessories, night markets are an excellent place to find them. However, I wouldn’t use night markets as a place to buy souvenirs.

What Are Taiwan Night Markets?

A Taiwan night market, or 夜市 (yeshi), is a street market that operates between sunset and sunrise. You will find these markets in purpose-built venues, like Huaxi Night Market. Or you’ll find food stalls and shops lining streets and occupying sidewalks.

These markets usually exist in suburban or urban areas throughout the country. However, these markets come and go depending on their demand.

What Can You Do at Night Markets in Taiwan?

For the most part, at Taiwanese night markets, you can buy xiaochi (fast food). In Mandarin Chinese, this translates to “small eats.” Otherwise, buy specialty drinks like bubble tea or smoothies, explore clothing or souvenir shops, or play carnival-style games.

stand where people are shooting balloons, tamsui, new taipei city, taiwan
I think this is a balloon darts booth.

You may find interesting stalls like the fortune-telling birds in Raohe Night Market.

If you see people lining up for a food stand, then that usually means the stand has superb food. I recommend waiting in line if you have time.

Most night markets throughout Taiwan have a noteworthy restaurant or dish. Or they have Michelin-starred restaurants. A Michelin restaurant means judges deemed the establishment as having delicious food in its category.

Keep reading. And you’ll find recommendations on the best foods to try at most night markets throughout the country.

North Taiwan Night Markets

Other than New Taipei, Hsinchu, and Taipei, consider exploring these markets:

Night MarketCityFood To TryChinese Name
Keelung Miaokou Night MarketKeelungSandwich廟口夜市
Zhongli Sinming Night MarketTaoyuanSweet potato balls中壢新明夜市
Zhongyuan (Chungyuan) Night MarketTaoyuanScallion pancakes中原夜市
Taoyuan Tourism Night MarketTaoyuanSpareribs桃園觀光夜市
Xingren Garden Night MarketTaoyuanCrispy fried squid興仁夜市
Toucheng Night MarketYilanNothing noteworthy頭城夜市
Luodong Night MarketYilanNothing noteworthy羅東夜市
Dongmen Night MarketYilanDried tofu wrapped around sausage東門夜市
Night markets in Northern Taiwan.

Northern Taiwan Night Market Map

Night Markets in Taipei, Taiwan

Here are all the night markets you’ll find in Taipei City:

Taipei Night Market Map

Night Markets in New Taipei City, Taiwan

New Taipei City’s night markets are as follows:

Night MarketFood To TryChinese Name
Linkou Night MarketBraised foods林口街夜市
Luzhou Night MarketNothing noteworthy蘆洲夜市
Datong Night MarketScallion pancakes大同夜市
Nanya Night MarketSesame oil chicken soup南雅夜市
Shalun Night MarketNothing noteworthyNA
Lehua Night MarketSweet soy milk樂華夜市
Ji Ying Miao Night MarketNothing noteworthy集應廟夜市
Sanxia Night MarketNothing noteworthy三峽夜市
Tamsui Yingzhuan Night MarketPermanently closed淡水夜市
Xinzhuang Night MarketGreen onion cakes新莊夜市
Xingnan Night MarketDuck head興南夜市
Sanzhi Night MarketNothing noteworthy三芝夜市
Sanhe Night MarketOyster vermicelli三和夜市
Sing Ren Garden Night MarketCrepes興仁花園夜市
Zhongyang Night MarketNothing noteworthy中央夜市
Every night market in New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Night Markets in Hsinchu, Taiwan

Night markets you’ll find in Hsinchu include:

Night MarketFood To TryChinese Name
Qingda (NTHU) Night MarketNothing noteworthy清大夜市
Chenghuang (City God) Temple Night MarketFish meatball soup城隍廟夜市
Zhongzhengtai Night MarketNothing noteworthy中正台夜市
Huayuan Street Night MarketNothing noteworthy花園街夜市
Every night market in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

Central Taiwan Night Markets

Night markets throughout various central cities and regions include:

Night MarketCityChinese NameFood To Try
Jingcheng Night MarketChanghua精誠夜市Oyster omelet
Lugang Night MarketChanghua鹿港夜市Steamed meat buns
Caotun Night MarketNantou草鞋墩人文觀光夜市Mongolian barbecue
Night markets in Central Taiwan.

Central Taiwan Night Market Map

Night Markets in Taichung, Taiwan

Check out these night markets when you’re in Taichung:

Night MarketChinese NameFood To Try
Fengjia Night Market逢甲夜市Sausages & egg pancakes
Donghai Daxue Night Market (Tunghai Villa)東海夜市Chicken feet
Fengyuan Miaodong Night Market豐原廟東夜市Fried chestnuts
Zhonghua Night Market中華路夜市Deep fried beef & Taiwanese hamburger
Yizhong Street Night Market一中街夜市Stinky tofu & sun cakes
Lufeng Night Market峰夜市Nothing noteworthy
Hanxi Night Market旱溪夜市Dried tofu
Sizhangli Night market四張犁夜市Nothing noteworthy
Tianzi Shengli Night market潭子勝利夜市Nothing noteworthy
Yatan Night Market雅潭夜市Nothing noteworthy
Every night market in Taichung, Taiwan.

South Taiwan Night Markets

Here are night markets throughout Southern Taiwan’s Chiayi, Kaohsiung, and Tainan cities:

Night MarketCityFood To TryChinese Name
Wenhua Road Night MarketChiayiRice cakes文化路夜市
Chia-Le-Fu (Carrefour) Night MarketChiayiTaiwanese barbecue嘉樂福夜市
Liuhe Night MarketKaohsiungBarbecued foods六合夜市
Kaisyuan Night MarketKaohsiungNothing noteworthy凱旋夜市
Ruifeng Night MarketKaohsiungFried chicken fillet瑞豐夜市
Zhonghua Street Night MarketKaohsiungNothing noteworthy中華街觀光夜市
Tainan Flower Night MarketTainanCoffin bread花園夜市
Fuhua Night MarketTainanNothing noteworthy復華夜市
Wusheng Night MarketTainanOyster omelet & French-style crêpes武聖夜市
Dadong (Ta-Tung) Night MarketTainanSweet potato balls & BBQ大東夜市
Xiaobei Night MarketTainanFried snails小北成功夜市
Every night market in Southern Taiwan.

Southern Taiwan Night Market Map

East Taiwan Night Markets

No city- or county-specific markets here.

Night MarketCityChinese Name
Dongdamen Night MarketHualien東大門夜市
Dongqing Night MarketLanyu (offshore island)NA
Ziqiang Night MarketPermanently closedNA
Every night market in Eastern Taiwan.

Eastern Taiwan Night Market Map

Taiwan Night Market History: How Did It All Start?

Taiwan’s first night market, Shilin Night Market, popped up in 1899. Otherwise, most modern night markets didn’t debut until post-World War II.

Once they began emerging, vendors began hawking their food and wares to migrants who were rapidly building Taiwan during this period. They’d also sell inexpensive versions of banquet food to keep workers well-fed.

Around the 1960s’, Taiwan-made toys, garments, and other accessories began flooding these markets.

And as the 70s’ approached, manufacturers began shifting toward international markets. Thus displacing these stores and bringing in handicrafts, Chinese medicine, and other shops.

When the ’80s hit, Taiwanese night markets had gift shops, high-quality garments, various vendors, and popular restaurants.

By then, it transitioned into becoming popular culture. I’ve covered the history of individual night markets throughout my blog. I can’t cover them all here.

I’d bore you.

Find out why it’s worth visiting a night market.

Taiwan Night Market Tips

Keep these tips and tidbits in mind when visiting Taiwanese night markets:

  • Most vendors only accept cash: sometimes, they’ll accept EasyCards or LINE Pay
  • Don’t haggle: folks don’t usually haggle at night markets
  • Enter the night market around 4 PM: this is when they set up their booths
  • Night markets don’t have toilets: use the restroom before visiting
  • Keep your belongings close: while uncommon, pickpockets may roam night markets
  • Most stalls don’t notify customers of food allergens: ask beforehand whether the food contains “X” ingredient
  • English menu translations are hit-or-miss: outside tourist markets, not many stands have English menus
  • Taiwanese food is safe to eat: food-related illnesses are uncommon
  • But there are a lot of fried food vendors: prepare probiotics or your supplement stack for greasy foods
  • Try Vietnamese coffee when you find it: it’s amazing
  • Watch out for motorbikes: drivers tend to roll through night market streets with motorbikes

And always practice awareness. Whether there’s a motorbike behind you or you accidentally drop your things, keep your head on a swivel. But enjoy yourself.

I say this because night markets are crowded. And it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed (if you’re like me). If you’re wearing a backpack, keep it in front of you to deter pickpockets.

And for the love of all things holy.

Don’t keep your phone or wallet in your back pocket. That’s begging someone to pickpocket you.


What Does a Taiwan Night Market Sell?

Taiwan night markets sell food, beverages, clothing, cell phone accessories, and other miscellaneous goods.

Why Do People in Taiwan Like Going to Night Markets So Much?

People in Taiwan going to night markets since they can get a meal for cheap without cooking. Many likely don’t want to cook after a long work day.