Where to Stay in Taipei: Best Places Compared

This is an overview of the best places to stay in Taipei City, Taiwan. Keep reading to learn more.

I’ve lived around Taipei for over 5 years and want to share the best areas to stay based on places I’ve explored. That inspired me to write this guide.

Where to Stay in Taipei: Summary

  • Zhongzheng District: Best for first-timers & going to the airport
  • Shilin District: Best for family & suburb
  • Xinyi District: Best for shopping & nightlife
  • Da’an District: Best place for food.
  • Wanhua District: Most affordable

Best Places to Stay in Taipei for Tourists Compared

The following sections will compare all the best districts to accommodate booking throughout Taipei City. I’ll also cover some of the best hotels and hotels in each area.

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1. Zhongzheng District: Best Place to Stay for First Timers

Zhongzheng District contains Taipei Main Station, a station that connects you to the rest of Taiwan via local train, high speed rail, bus, or MRT. It’s also the quickest way to get to Taoyuan International Airport.

It’s the area I stayed in during my first visit to Taiwan, and I made the right choice. It gives you easy access to the Red and Blue MRT lines, which’ll connect you to most of Taipei City. Or walk to the famous Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall.

Prices aren’t too high compared to areas like Xinyi. Meanwhile, you’ll have easy access to all the tourist attractions.

Hotels in Zhongzheng District, Taipei

Hostels in Zhongzheng District, Taipei

2. Shilin District: Best Place to Stay in Family

Shilin District is more of a residential area and not the best place to stay unless you’re renting a car or staying close to one of the Taipei MRT Red Line Stations.

It’s great for families because it places you within a close range to the Taipei Children’s Amusement Park and National Taiwan Science Education Center.

Otherwise, I’d consider this as part of the Taipei suburbs.

3. Xinyi District: Best Place to Stay in Nightlife

Xinyi District is connected to Taipei’s Red and Blue MRT lines, giving you access to most of the city. Both lines will also intersect with all the other lines (e.g., Brown and Orange), making it easier to access more bars and clubs without hailing a taxi.

Speaking of clubs, Xinyi District is home to WAVE CLUB, Barcode, and ICON. Xinyi is also adjacent to Da’an District, which has OMNI.

4. Xinyi District: Best Place to Stay for Shopping

Xinyi is also the best place for shopping attractions. It’s home to Breeze Xinyi and the Taipei 101 shopping center. Both malls have various shops for various types of shoppers.

It’s not ideal for anyone shopping for electronics. You’ll want to go to Guanghua Digital Plaza or Syntrend Creative Park for more variety. Or the camera and audio alleys around Ximending.

5. Zhongzheng District: Best Place to Stay for Airport & Taipei Main Station

Zhongzheng District has Taipei Main Station, which allows you to take the Express Taoyuan MRT cart to the Taoyuan International Airport. This is the quickest way to reach the airport without renting a car. And it’s affordable.

Taipei Main Station also has the Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) and Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA). That means you’ll have access to the entire country’s mainland via train. However, the HSR only travels along Taiwan’s Eastern Coast.

6. Da’an District: Best Place to Stay for Food

Da’an District is a bit more expensive area to stay in compared to areas like Shilin, but it’s home to various tourist hotspots like:

It’s more affordable than Xinyi District, meanwhile, it’s adjacent. You could walk to major tourist attractions like Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall or Taipei 101 or take the Taipei MRT Brown and Red Lines.

7. Wanhua District: Best Place to Stay for Budget

Wanhua is the most dangerous place in Taipei City due to all the gang activity. But most gang-related crimes are between rival gangs or gang members and folks they loaned money to. This is also the area where I’ve seen the most homeless people in Taipei.

However, the homeless people in Taiwan seem harmless. They’re not aggressive like in the United States.

Wanhua is around tourist attractions like Ximending and Longshan Temple. You’ll find plenty of low-cost hostels and possibly hotels in the area.

Accommodation Options in Taipei

Taipei has the following accommodation options:

Accommodation typePricePrivacyAmenitiesLocationAtmosphere
Boutique hotelMid-rangeHighVariedCentralUpscale
Capsule hotelBudgetLowBasicCentralFunctional
HotelMid-range to highVariedVariedCentralVaried
Love hotelMid-rangeLowVariedVariedRomantic

Most folks on a budget will want to stay in hostels. They’re safer in Taipei than most cities around the world due to Taiwan’s low crime rate. They’re an excellent way to meet other travelers.

Spend a bit more and get an Airbnb for more privacy—depending on the vacation home. These are my favorite since many of them will give you a taste of what it’s like to live in Taiwan.

Most folks will stay in hotels or one of the niche hotels (e.g., love hotel). They’re not too pricey in Taipei, have great views, and include free breakfast. And based off my experience, they were clean.

Staying in Taipei for a month? Consider a short-term rental in an apartment. They’re difficult to find, but possible. And many apartments throughout the country come furnished, eliminating the need for furniture.

Every other option on this list is niche and for those who want unique experiences when staying in Taipei.

Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Inside Taipei

The best neighborhoods to stay in within Taipei include:

  • Songshan District: Tourists love this district’s vibrant night markets.
  • Xinyi District: A paradise for shoppers, it houses the iconic Taipei 101.
  • Daan District: It’s a great place to enjoy Taipei’s café culture and parks.
  • Zhongshan District: Stay here for diverse food options and Art Deco architecture.
  • Zhongzheng District: Around Taipei Main Station.
  • Datong District: It provides a historical perspective with its old temples.
  • Wanhua District: It boasts Ximending, Taipei’s hippest shopping and entertainment area.
  • Shilin District: This district is a must for foodies with its famous night market.
  • Beitou District: Tourists visit here for hot springs and relaxing retreats.

Taipei Neighborhoods to Avoid

Avoid these neighborhoods:

  • Wenshan District: Predominantly residential, it’s far from most tourist hotspots.
  • Nangang District: With its tech focus, it doesn’t attract many tourists.
  • Neihu District: It’s not a top pick for tourists due to its industrial nature.

What to Do in Taipei

National Palace Museum


Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

Historical site

Taipei Zoo

Daytrip, for families

Taipei 101


Miniatures Museum of Taiwan


National Revolutionary Martyer’s Shrine

Historical site

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Historical site

Beitou Hot Spring Resort

Hot springs

Yangmingshan National Park


Daan Forest Park

Daytrip, for families

Miramar Ferris Wheel

For families, shopping

Guanghua Digital Plaza


Treasure Hill

Historical site

Maokong Mountain

Vista, hiking

Dihua Street

Historical site

Taipei Botanical Garden




Huashan 1914 Creative Park

Historical site

Jianguo Flower & Jade Markets



Where Is the Best Location to Stay in Taipei?

Xinyi is the best, yet most expensive, location to stay within Taipei City. It’s close to many metro stations and popular tourist attractions (e.g., Taipei 101).