Useful Phone Numbers in Taiwan

Explore this phone directory to find the most important phone numbers in Taiwan.

There’s no introduction needed. Since the name of the post says it all.

Taiwan Country Calling Code Phone

Taiwan’s country calling code is ‘+886.’

If you’re visiting or staying in Taiwan, you’ll need to learn how to get a SIM card. Explore my guide on getting a prepaid card in Taiwan.

How to Dial a Taiwan Phone Number?

To call a landline number in Taiwan, dial the area code and then the local phone number.

I’ll cover area codes for every city and county in a bit.

Calling cell phone numbers in Taiwan requires typing in the other person’s phone number.

Taiwan Mobile has a great visual example [1]: 

taiwan dialing
How to dial phone numbers in Taiwan.

If you’re outside of Taiwan and want to make phone calls to the island nation, dial your country’s exit code, then Taiwan’s country code.

Here’s an example, if you want to call Taiwan from the Philippines. You’d dial this sequence of numbers:

  1. 00: the Philippines exit code
  2. 886: Taiwan’s International Subscriber Dialing (ISD) Code
  3. City area code: let’s use Taipei’s code ‘02’
  4. Local or mobile phone number

Since Taipei phone numbers have 8 digits, an example phone number would look like this: +886-0000-0000.

Emergency Service Phone Numbers in Taiwan

Here are emergency service numbers in Taiwan:

ServicePhone Number
Fire and Ambulance119
Repair Services112
Weather Forecast166
Freeway Condition Information168
Center for Disease Control Hotline1922
Anti-Fraud Hotline165
Coast Guard118
Emergency phone numbers in Taiwan.

To reach specific English-speaking police departments throughout Taiwan, you’ll want these numbers:

CityPhone Number
Taipei City(02) 2331-3561
New Taipei City(02) 8072-5454
Taoyuan(03) 333-4400
Taichung(04) 2328-9100
Tainan(06) 632-2210
Kaohsiung(07) 212-0800
Hsinchu(03) 551-1153
Keelung(02) 2426-8181~5
Pingtung County(08) 732-2156
Phone numbers for police departments in Taiwan

Directory Assistance Phone Numbers in Taiwan

The following are directory assistance phone numbers in Taiwan:

ServicePhone Number
Long Distance Call105
Local Call104
Phone Number Lookup (English)106
International operator100
Phone operators in Taiwan.

City Dialing Codes in Taiwan

When dialing a landline number in Taiwan, you’ll need to enter one of the following area codes first:

CountryVisa-free Duration
USA90 days
Canada90 days
United Kingdom90 days
Australia90 days
New Zealand90 days
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines30 days
Cyprus90 days
Eswantini90 days
Andorra90 days
Austria90 days
Belgium90 days
Croatia90 days
Czech Republic90 days
Denmark90 days
Finland90 days
France90 days
Germany90 days
Hungary90 days
Iceland90 days
Ireland90 days
Latvia90 days
Liechtenstein90 days
Lithuania90 days
Malta90 days
Monaco90 days
Netherlands90 days
Norway90 days
Poland90 days
Portugal90 days
San Marino90 days
Slovakia90 days
Slovenia90 days
Sweden90 days
Switzerland90 days
The Vatican90 days
Romania90 days
Spain90 days
Italy90 days
Luxembourg90 days
North Macedonia90 days
Bulgaria90 days
Estonia90 days
Greece90 days
Guatemala90 days
Honduras90 days
Paraguay90 days
St. Kitts and Nevis30 days
Nauru30 days
Belize30 days
Japan90 days
Chile90 days
Nicaragua90 days
Israel90 days
South Korea90 days
Singapore30 days
Malaysia30 days
Dominican Republic30 days
Thailand14 days
The Philippines14 days
Brunei14 days

Premium Rate and Toll-free Phone Numbers in Taiwan

Premium Numbers0201, 0203, or 0204
Toll-free Numbers0800, 0809
Mobile Cell Numbers09
Toll-free numbers in Taiwan.

Phone Numbers for Tourists in Taiwan

Here are some useful phone numbers for English-speaking tourists in Taiwan:

ServicePhone Number
Taipei 101 World Trade Center281-018-800
Tourism Bureau Call Center (24/hours in English)0800-011-765
Tourist Information Hotline02-2717-3737
35th Floor Starbucks in Taipei 1012-8101-0701
Philippines Department of Tourism(02) 2658-2851
Singapore Trade Office in Taipei(02) 2772-1940
Numbers for tourists in Taiwan.
tw international help lines
Help lines for varying languages.

Taiwan Airport Phone Numbers

To reach customer support at airports, you’ll want to call one of these numbers:

AirportPhone Numbers
Songshan Airport (TSA)(02) 2546-4741
Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1 Service Desk)(03) 398-2194
Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 2 Service Desk)(03) 398-3341
Kaohsiung Airport (KHH)(07) 805-7888
Telephone numbers for airports in Taiwan.

Phone Numbers for National Parks in Taiwan

To learn more about national parks throughout Taiwan, call one of these numbers:

ParkPhone Number
Kinmen National Park(082) 313-100
Kenting National Park(08) 886-1321
Taroko National Park(03) 862-1100
Yangmingshan National Park(02) 2861-3601
Yushan National Park(049) 277-3121
Taijiang National Park(06) 284-2600
Shei-Pa National Park(037) 996-100
Telephone numbers for national parks in Taiwan.

The staff may not speak English. But if you call them and say something, they’ll likely (and hopefully) try to find someone who can help.

Diplomatic Services Phone Numbers in Taiwan

Numbers to reach various diplomatic services throughout Taiwan include:

Government BodyPhone Number
American Institute in Taiwan (Taipei)(02) 2162-2000
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)(02) 2348-2999
Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association(02) 2713-8000
Manila Economic and Cultural Office(02) 2658-8825
Embassy of St. Vincent and the Grenadines(02)2877-1609
American Institute in Taiwan (Kaohsiung)(07)335-5006
India-Taipei Association(02) 2729-5154
New Zealand Visa Application Center (VAC) in Taipei(02) 7752 4745
Telephone numbers for diplomatic services in Taiwan.

Phone Numbers for Transportation Services in Taiwan

Phone numbers to reach public transportation services include:

ServicePhone Number
Taxi Service (English)(02) 2799-7977
Taipei Metro, Taipei eBus, YouBike (Inside Taipei)1999
Taipei Metro (Outside Taipei)2-27208889
YouBike Customer Support8978-5511
Taipei Bus(02) 2976-2999
Phone numbers for public transportation in Taiwan.


What Is a Taiwan Phone Number Example?

An example of a Taiwan phone number is 886-2-2388-9393. This is Taiwan’s Immigration Agency’s number.

How To Make a Call From the US to Taiwan?

Dial ‘011’ (the U.S. exit code), enter ‘886,’ type the area code, then enter the Taiwan phone number.